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Our specialities delivered directly to your home

– really easily by parcel delivery service. We pack your ordered fish specialities safely in special polystyrene containers using dry ice, then hand them over to the well-known and reliable parcel service provider DPD.

As our primary concern is the freshness of our products, which is something we also want you to enjoy, we always send your order by express. You’ll get your parcel right the next day following dispatch from DIE RÄUCHEREI – no matter if you live far up on Germany’s North Sea coast or far down in the Allgäu region.

If you’re not at home on the day of delivery, DPD will deliver the parcel again the next day. Your neighbour can also take delivery of the parcel so you don’t need to worry about a thing: the tasty little treats are perfectly packed and stay ice cold!

Once you’ve opened the parcel, just let any remaining dry ice evaporate outdoors and dispose of the little paper bags. You can recycle the polystyrene container really easily using the appropriate bin bag – or even better: reuse it for shopping!